LEDtronics – New Extended Lens Wall Pack

LEDtronics has released a new series of 0-10V dimmable, forward throw extended lens wall packs to their extensive line of outdoor lighting products.  These wall packs are available in various sizes to replace standard HID wall packs from 150W to 400W and feature energy savings of up to 75%.  You can see all of the details on the product series page at:


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LEDtronics – New Programmable LED Shoebox Area Lights!

LEDtronics has released their new programmable LED Shoebox area lights and you can see all the details on these at their website:


These are available in versions from 24W to 300W and carry a 5 year warranty.  They are Title 24 compliant and are remotely programmed with a handheld configuration controller that is provided with each luminaire.  They are also DALI compatible and are equipped with an ANSI C136.41 7-pin receptacle for future DALI photocell (currently ships with a conventional photocell).

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GEYER Adds 4 New Product Families!

GEYER has recently added 4 new product families to their extensive line of frequency products.  All of these products are the smallest of their type in the frequency component industry and they will be available on Arrow.com.  These are:

KXO-V32T – This is a 32.768 kHz oscillator in a 3.2×1.5mm package.  With its extremely low input current of only 0.1µA typical, your required battery capacity can be reduced.

KX-327VT – This is a 32.768 kHz tuning fork crystal and is now the smallest surface mount tuning fork in the frequency industry.  This crystal is great for hand held, medical and IoT applications.

KX-3T – This is currently the smallest crystal package available in the frequency industry at 1.25×1.05mm.  This crystal is also great for hand held, medical including hearing aids and IoT products.

KXO-V93T – This is the smallest oscillator in the frequency industry at 1.6×1.2mm and markets include hand held, medical and IoT products.

Please visit the links above for more information on available frequencies.  GEYER can provide appropriate samples at short notice for your new designs.  We look forward to hearing from you to find out more about your frequency requirements.

LEDtronics – New Dimmable Linear Low Bay Luminaires

New Dimmable Linear Low Bay Luminaires Offer Various Mounting Options

LEDtronics® announces its new DLC-listed series of dimmable LED Linear Low Bay Luminaires. These Title 24 compliant units can be surface or wall mounted, as well as suspension-mounted with cables.  The LLS series low bays come with the needed accessories, and can optionally be installed with T-bar clips or inverted V-hangers.

Their wide selection of mounting options makes them ideal for most large-area, low-bay lighting applications.  They are suitable for damp locations, and are perfect for production areas, retail stores, offices, hallways, canopies, warehouse and workshop lighting, food processing facilities, equestrian facilities, farmyards, parking areas and garages, tunnels, bridges, and more.

The LED linear luminaires feature a curved frosted lens and an illumination angle of 110 by up to 144 degrees. They come in a choice of lengths and wattages: 4 ft – 24 or 40 watts, and 8 ft – 40 or 60 watts. The low bays are dimmable 0-10V and are compatible with most dimmers.  You can see the complete product release at:


Please let us know how we can help with your lighting application!


Mechatronics – DC Backward Curved Motorized Impellers

Mechatronics’ new DC impellers provide high static pressure performance and deliver higher performance and better power efficiency versus similar AC powered versions.  The MSI series backward curved DC motorized impellers offer exceptional airflow and pressure performance with a variety of voltage, speed control, and alarm output options.  Standard impeller models are available from 120mm to 315mm in diameter.

Environmental protection options including encapsulation up to IP68 are available.  Alarm output options include tachometer or locked rotor alarm and pulse width modulation (PWM) speed control is available on all models.

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GEYER – Smallest Quartz Crystal KX-3T has just arrived!

Geyer has announced that their smallest-possible Quartz Crystal, the KX-3T, is now available.  This new Quartz Crystal, with its micro-dimensions of only 1.2 / 1.0 / 0.9 mm, is potentially a new space-saving product for your board.

The KX-3T offers a convincing tight frequency tolerance of only 10 ppm and is available in frequencies from 26 to 52 MHz.  Samples in standard frequencies of 26 MHz, 27.120 MHz, 32 MHz, 40 MHz and 48 MHz are available ex stock.

This ultra-compact Quartz Crystal has been developed for your High-Tech applications in Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Short Range, Wireless, Mobile Communication and Wearables.  Contact us for samples today and see how they can support your model perfectly.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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