Mechatronics – New Low Power AC Fans available at Digi-Key!

Mechatronics’ new Low Power AC Fans are now available at Digi-Key to ship immediately!  Please learn more about the LPH series EC fan lineup at Digi-Key.

These Low Power Fans are ideal for applications where only AC power is available and low power consumption is a requirement.  Mechatronics Low Power fans are electronically commutated providing the efficiency of a DC fan with the simplicity of connecting to an AC power supply.  Available with global voltage input range accommodating 100VAC to 240VAC, these fans allow for a single model to be used in both 115VAC and 230VAC applications and they are available in sizes ranging from 60mm to 172mm.

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LEDtronics – New Machine Status Indicator & Utility Bulbs

LEDtronics® introduces its latest series of LED Machine Status Indicator & Utility Bulbs! This is a product category that LEDtronics has been manufacturing for 30+ years and this newest generation is the most energy-efficient to date.

The STL60xSM series comes in two base options – 15mm Ba15D dual-contact bayonet base or 15mm Ba15S single-contact bayonet base. The lamps are available in either 120VAC or low voltage 12VAC/12VDC.

This product category is primarily used in machine status indicator light towers from  companies such as Siemens, Square D Company/Telemecanique Inc. (XVAL series), PATLITE/Sasaki Electric (LH & WM series), Joslyn Clark (SL System), Tork, Klockner, Moeller, Werma and others.

These LED bulbs can also be used in many other applications such as accent lighting and task lighting.  With a 1″ tube length, these compact bulbs fit in enclosed fixtures and tight spaces and their 7-piece LEDs and clear Lexan lens offer 360-degree omnidirectional illumination of 3000K warm-white light. 

Please see the complete product release at

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E-Mark – Modular Barrier Blocks With Integral Cover Increase Safety

E-Mark’s C3 and C4 Series of barrier blocks have been designed with unique, integral protective covers which, even when closed, enable operation of each position while making the assembly inherently safer.

This series of barrier blocks is available in either 0.3″ or 0.375″ pitch and either two or three pole versions. Two and three pole segments can be linked together by means of dovetail joints to form longer lengths and a tri-barrier version is also available.

Current carrying capacity of these barrier strips is 15A per pole @ 300 VAC. The tin plated brass terminals are capable of accepting 14 to 22 AWG wire and the green or black bodies are molded of polyamide 66 rated UL94V-0.

Delivery ranges from stock to 4 weeks ARO.  Please contact us for catalog information and evaluation samples!


ECE/Goodsky – GQ Miniature Power Relay

The GQ miniature power relay from GOODSKY offers a 5A and 10A rating for ambient temperatures of up to 105°C.  The very small housing gives a space consumption on the PC Board of only 180mm².  The relay is UL and VDE listed and provides also a TV5 rating.

AgSnO + Indium contacts secure excellent performance in case of inrush currents.  The coil consumption is only 200mW with nominal voltages starting from 3VDC up to 60VDC. The minimum creepage distance is 8mm and the minimum clearance distance is 5.5mm.  With a solid insulation of 2mm and the possibility of a version for glow wire test, this relay allows for use in multiple applications and industries.

You can see the entire press release at:

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TRUMPower – Low Cost 90W Medical Desktop Adapter meets 4th Edition EMC Standards

TRUMPower has released the new 90W TAM90 series of low cost medical grade AC/DC desktop power adapters.  This low profile unit, which is packaged in a black-colored plastic enclosure, measures in at a size of just 5.71 x 2.80 x 1.12 inches.

Using the power supply ensures compliance to the latest IEC/EN/UL 60601-1 Edition 3.1 safety standards and IEC/EN 60601-1-2 Edition 4.0 medical EMC standards.

Some of its main features include:

  • Available with single 12V, 15V, 19V, 24V output voltages
  • Equipped with IEC 320/C14 AC inlet
  • Satisfies DOE & Energy Star level VI requirements
  • 2 x MOPP rated
  • Operating altitude of up to 5000 meters

For more details on the TAM90, please refer to the datasheet at:

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GEYER – Low Power Consumption KX-327NHT Tuning Fork Crystal

To support your projects and products with low power consumption, GEYER offers their KX-327NHT Tuning Fork Crystal.  The Geyer KX-327NHT measures just 3.2 x 1.5 x 0.8 mm and is available with a Series Resonance of 20k Ohm typical and 40k Ohm maximum, making it particularly suitable for energy sensitive applications.

As an example, using its Reference Designs, the GEYER Design and Test Center recommends the KX-327NHT for the NXP MC1323x ZigBee chipset.

GEYER can provide appropriate samples for your new designs at short notice.  We look forward to hearing from you to find out more about your crystal requirements.

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