E-Mark – Low Profile SMT Test Points

E-Mark ball top test points are designed for fast, consistent testing and connection of SMT assemblies.  Two heights of test points available and they are supplied loose or on tape and reel for production applications using pick and place equipment.

You can see the catalog details on these on E-Mark Catalog Page 5.

All E-Mark test points are RoHS and REACH compliant.  Please contact us for evaluation samples and application assistance.

Mechatronics – New ATEX Certified Fans Introduced!

Mechatronics has announced the introduction of its ATEX certified EC fans in accordance with Directive 2014/34/EU.  The ATEX directive addresses component certification for potentially explosive environments.  Mechatronics new high-performance energy efficient IP68 rated ATEX certified fans provide a cost-effective solution for new refrigeration system designs.  Delivering ATEX certified AC/EC powered fans at a reasonable price, Mechatronics is actively supporting the use of environmentally responsible hydrocarbon refrigerants such as propane or R290 in commercial refrigeration systems and a wide variety of other applications.

Mechatronics ATEX Fans provide unsurpassed simplicity, performance options, and the lowest total cost. Mechatronics is Cooling Simplified.  Please see the complete press release at:


For more information about ATEX certified fans from Mechatronics and performance options on specific models, please visit https://www.mechatronics.com/products/atex-fans.php.  Please let us know how we can help with your cooling requirements!

GEYER – KX-3T Award!

It is with great pleasure that GEYER announces that its KX-3T crystal has been awarded ‘Product of the Year 2019’ from the readers of the professional electronic magazine, Elektronik, in the passive components category.  This crystal won 3rd prize in the category, having been nominated along with nine other products including a Bandpass filter from AVX, choke coils from Panasonic and MLCC components from Murata, as well as other crystal and oscillator brands offered for consideration by the editor of the magazine.

The award winner – the KX-3T– features an ultra-compact size of only 1.2 x 1.0 x 0.3 mm and has been specially designed for IoT applications in the field of wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Short Range Wireless, mobile communication and Wearable Technology.

Available from stock in standard frequencies of 26 MHz, 27.12 MHz, 32 MHz, 40 MHz and 48 MHz, it has been designed with 6 pF Load Capacitance, a 10 ppm tolerance and a working temperature range of -40C to +85C.

Contact us today to secure samples for your advanced product design!

LEDtronics – New LED “Dual Mode” U-Bend Tube Lights

LEDtronics New LED ‘Dual Mode’ U-Bend Tube Lights Work with or without Ballast

LEDtronics has introduced their latest generation of ‘Dual Mode’ U-Bend LED T8 Tube Lights that work with or without a ballast.  Installing the UL-Classified U-Bend tubes is as easy as taking the existing fluorescent out and popping the LED tube in.

For most LED lighting installations, a one-time ballast bypass would have been necessary for installation, but with the ‘Dual Mode’ LED U-Bend Tube Lights, it’s simply plug and play. The U-bends come in two sizes – the LED24T8U6BR series with 6-inch leg spacing and the LED24T8U2 series with 2-inch leg spacing.  They directly retrofit into an existing 2-ft fluorescent fixture with an electronic ballast and inline 2-Pin/G13 base.  When the ballast does go out eventually, there’s always the option to bypass it and wire directly to the line current.

These LED U-bend tube lights are ideal for such applications as ceiling lights in offices, schools, hallways, department stores, retail outlets, restaurants, fast food chains, hospitals and medical offices, as well as for light boxes and signage backlighting, to name a few.

The LEDtronics 2-ft, U-bend tubes operate in a voltage input range of 100 to 277VAC, and are offered in a choice of color temperatures.  You can see the complete Product Release at:


Please let us know how we can help you with your lighting applications!

LEDtronics – New LED T5 Tube for Ship Bunk Beds

New LED T5 Tube Offers Efficient Lighting for Navy, Cruise Ship Bunk Beds

LEDtronics has introduced a new type of T5 LED tube light that is specially designed for Navy or cruise ship bunk bed lighting. The 12-inch long LED tube light has a “Made in USA” option, and the durable LED technology makes it ideal to withstand conditions on board.

Navy ships are known to spend over a few months at sea. Oftentimes, sea turbulence and weather disturbance can affect the ship’s lighting, which can make it hard to work on board. The best solution to old fluorescent lighting is to switch to LED T5 tube lights. The solid-state design renders this T5 tube light resistant to shock, vibration and environmental extremes.

Unlike fluorescents, which have to be replaced frequently and consume large amount of power, the LED T5 tube light reduces maintenance costs and power consumption by operating 10 times longer than fluorescent lights.

Aside from the benefit of energy savings, LED lights are safer for passengers and the environment, because it is mercury-free, emits no infrared or ultraviolet radiation, and does not cause any flickering and buzzing — a perfect solution for bunk bed lighting not only on Navy ships but also on cruise ships.

You can see the complete press release at:


Please contact us for assistance with all of your lighting applications!

Geyer Announces New Director of Business Development, Americas

Geyer Electronic America is excited to announce the hiring of Dave Stantley.  Dave comes to Geyer with 26 years’ experience exclusively in Frequency Control Products having worked previously at Ecliptek, MMD Monitor/Quartztek, ILSI-MMD, and ILSI MMD Ecliptek.  Dave’s experience ranges from Strategic Sourcing Manager and Director of Supply Management at Ecliptek, Business Development Manager at MMD Monitor/Quartztek, and more recently Global Sales Marketing Manager and Strategic Account Manager at ILSI MMD Ecliptek.

Dave will be assuming the newly created position of Director of Business Development, Americas.  In his new role Dave will be responsible for managing all aspects of Geyer’s North American Sales Channel.  His duties will include direct OEM visits, Territory Rep Management, and development of Geyer’s Distribution Channel partners.  Dave will be reporting directly to Howard Longin, Sales Director, Americas.

Howard Longin stated that “David will be a great addition to the Geyer Team.  With David’s experience of 26 years in the Frequency Control industry and wealth of Sales and Marketing experience, he will be able to immediately enhance our continued Sales growth in North America.  We are very excited to have a person of his stature joining us.”

For more than 50 years, GEYER ELECTRONIC has been a leading manufacturers of frequency products, quartz crystals, oscillators, and ceramic resonators.  Geyer also manufactures brand name batteries, accumulators (rechargeable batteries), and loading technologies.  The highest quality, creativity, and safety characterize their innovative solutions.

Geyer Electronic America is a division of Geyer Electronic.  Geyer, located in Germany with locations throughout the world, is a world class supplier of frequency control products and has been in business for over 50 years.  For more information, please contact us.

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