Mechatronics – DC Backward Curved Motorized Impellers

Mechatronics’ new DC impellers provide high static pressure performance and deliver higher performance and better power efficiency versus similar AC powered versions.  The MSI series backward curved DC motorized impellers offer exceptional airflow and pressure performance with a variety of voltage, speed control, and alarm output options.  Standard impeller models are available from 120mm to 315mm in diameter.

Environmental protection options including encapsulation up to IP68 are available.  Alarm output options include tachometer or locked rotor alarm and pulse width modulation (PWM) speed control is available on all models.

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GEYER – Smallest Quartz Crystal KX-3T has just arrived!

Geyer has announced that their smallest-possible Quartz Crystal, the KX-3T, is now available.  This new Quartz Crystal, with its micro-dimensions of only 1.2 / 1.0 / 0.9 mm, is potentially a new space-saving product for your board.

The KX-3T offers a convincing tight frequency tolerance of only 10 ppm and is available in frequencies from 26 to 52 MHz.  Samples in standard frequencies of 26 MHz, 27.120 MHz, 32 MHz, 40 MHz and 48 MHz are available ex stock.

This ultra-compact Quartz Crystal has been developed for your High-Tech applications in Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Short Range, Wireless, Mobile Communication and Wearables.  Contact us for samples today and see how they can support your model perfectly.  We look forward to hearing from you!

LEDtronics – New Low-Profile LED Canopy Luminaire

LEDtronics new low-profile LED canopy luminaire is an easy install for most indoor and outdoor applications.  This UL-listed, surface-mount luminaire is an addition to its lineup of low-profile LED canopy lights for both indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

As with the rest of the LEDtronics canopy light series, the compact CNP000-45WF has an extremely low profile, boasting a total height of only 3.5 inches.  This sleek, slim design makes it perfect for any canopy application, such as gas stations, manufacturing, factory floors, warehouses, loading docks, parking & recreation areas, tunnels, canopies, entrances, walkways, underpasses, and many more.  Consuming less than 45 watts, the luminaire replaces HID lights of up to 175 watts—an energy savings of up to 75%—offering an output of 5,085 lumens of pure white (5000K) bright illumination through a frosted flat lens.

The LEDtronics wide-beam and weatherproof canopy light is easily mountable on walls or ceilings indoors or outdoors, and does not need to be dismantled for installation. Both lightweight and rugged, it is made of die-cast aluminum housing and has a high-impact, heat-resistant, polycarbonate frosted lens. The luminaire is efficiently designed to dissipate heat and distribute light evenly, with minimal glare. It effectively sends a wide-focused circular beam that spreads 110 degrees vertically and horizontally.

You can read the complete Product Release at:

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LEDtronics – New All-Weather Filament-Look LED String Lights

LEDtronics® announces its new All-Weather, UL-Listed Filament-Look LED String Lights that answer the demand for brilliant, mood-setting lighting with all the benefits of energy-efficient LED technology.  These versatile LED string lights are ideal for applications such as outdoor restaurant porches, shopping plazas, hotel pool areas, decks, driveways and patios as well as for sign perimeter lighting.

The 48-foot, IP65-rated waterproof black string cord holds 24 1.5-watt S14 LED lamps with a bulb separation of 2 feet.  Industrial-grade outer neoprene rubber sockets endure years of inclement weather and 18-gauge wiring allows connecting up to 45 strands.  Steel cables can be threaded through the built-in loops above each socket to support and position the light strings in variously decorative patterns.

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LEDtronics Adds Higher Lumen Fixtures to their LED High Bay Series

LEDtronics introduces the latest additions to its highly popular and affordable series of dimmable, high-lumen and high-efficiency LED High Bay Fixtures!  The new 300 and 500 watt low-profile luminaires join the 100W, 150W and 200W fixtures in the HBL005 series to offer superior light output in a compact, lightweight body that delivers the longevity, premium performance, reliability and energy efficiency of LED lighting technology.

The 300-watt HBL005 provides close to 40,000 lumens and replaces old-technology metal halide and high-pressure sodium bay lights up to 1000W — a 70% energy savings!  The 500W replaces up to 1500W HID lamps.  Both are designed for eyebolt chain suspension installation, while the 500W may also be installed through bracket surface mount.

These Title 24 Compliant HBL005 units are three-way dimmable and provide a 120° wide beam angle with a uniform light distribution pattern.  Available attachments for these units include 60-degree-beam polycarbonate and 90-degree aluminum reflectors.

You can read the complete press release at:

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GEYER – Reference Design for TI SimpleLink™ MCU Platform MSP432

With their Reference Design Program, the GEYER Design & Test Center offers you an overview of GEYER Frequency Control Products for use in chipsets on EVA boards of well-known suppliers.  GEYER Reference Designs provide support with a selection of suitable components for different chipsets and EVA boards, like the TI SimpleLink™ MCU Platform – saving you development time, production and costs.

Reference Design for TI MCU Platform MSP432

Please click here to find their Reference Design identifying the appropriate GEYER Crystal as:

48.0 MHz in the popular KX-7 model (3.2 x 2.5 mm) with 12 pF 30/30/50,
and an operating temperature range of -40 to +85C.

GEYER Part Number 12.88710 

More information on selected controllers can be found on their website.

GEYER can provide appropriate samples at short notice for your new designs. We look forward to hearing from you to find out more about your crystal requirements.



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