GEYER – KX-4 Improved Temperature Range

GEYER now offers the KX-4 model quartz crystal with an industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C as standard with specifications of 8pF and 30/50 ppm. Because of an improved blank design and upgraded production in the wafer section, it has been possible to reduce the manufacturing cost to the level of the former normal temperature range crystal.

GEYER offers the KX-4, in 1.6/1.2/0.3 mm package size, also with RF frequencies like 26.0 MHz and 27.12 MHz with tight tolerances (10/10ppm and 10/20ppm) specially adjusted for Wi-Fi applications as ex-stock products.

Do you have demand for Crystal products in a defined specification or package?  GEYER offers a wide range of frequency control products, including 5,000 specifications available from stock.  Please contact us for more details