LEDtronics High-Efficiency LED High Bay Fixtures!

LEDtronics Latest-generation LED High Bay Light Fixtures Boast Higher Lumens While Being More Affordable than Ever!

LEDtronics announces their latest series of dimmable high-efficiency LED High Bay Fixtures! These DLC-listed low-profile units output more lumens than the previous generation, while being more energy-efficient. Best of all, they are LEDtronics most affordable high bay light fixtures to date!

Reflector attachments are available for these units: The polycarbonate reflector comes in 60 and 70 degree options, while the aluminum reflector comes in 60 and 90 degree options. An attachable mounting bracket is also available as an accessory.

The High Bay fixtures come in a wide range of wattages. They consume only 100 to 200 watts, but replace HID lights of 400 watts, all the way up to 750 watts! The lumen output of this LED High Bay series ranges from 13,000 lm all the way up to 26,000 lm!  Different wattages, color temperatures, and voltage options are available.

Read the complete Product Release at: http://www.ledtronics.com/Media/PressReleases.aspx?pressID=368

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