ECE/Goodsky – EML Series Power PCB Relay

The EML series relay from Goodsky is designed to switch high inrush peaks up to 165A/20ms in a very compact housing as space is a limiting factor in most of the typical applications for this component.  Requirements for this switching capability may be found in lighting controls, movement sensors, home automation and security systems, energy management and motor controls to name a few.

The inrush capability is achieved by using an innovative contact system that incorporates a tungsten premake contact with an AgSnO main contact.  From the outside the relay is seen as a 1 form A (NO) contact system.  The special inside design ensures that the tungsten contact closes before the main contact and takes the inrush peak.  Tungsten has a high melting point of 3422°C and thus contact welding is prevented.  Shortly after the AgSnO closes and secures a low contact resistance as Tungsten has the disadvantage of a high resistivity.

With its compact dimensions of 29.0×12.6×15.7mm the EML series offers advantages in compact designs.  The series has been applied for UL for the following loads:

  • Tungsten lamp 3,000W/230VAC at 40°C for 30,000 cycles
  • 16A/277VAC cosphi 1 at 85°C for 60,000 cycles

You can see a list of other tested loads and detailed features at:

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