GEYER – Smallest Quartz Crystal KX-3T has just arrived!

Geyer has announced that their smallest-possible Quartz Crystal, the KX-3T, is now available.  This new Quartz Crystal, with its micro-dimensions of only 1.2 / 1.0 / 0.9 mm, is potentially a new space-saving product for your board.

The KX-3T offers a convincing tight frequency tolerance of only 10 ppm and is available in frequencies from 26 to 52 MHz.  Samples in standard frequencies of 26 MHz, 27.120 MHz, 32 MHz, 40 MHz and 48 MHz are available ex stock.

This ultra-compact Quartz Crystal has been developed for your High-Tech applications in Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Short Range, Wireless, Mobile Communication and Wearables.  Contact us for samples today and see how they can support your model perfectly.  We look forward to hearing from you!