BeStar – New Sener BR Series Coin Cell Batteries!

BeStar Technologies has released a new series of coin cell batteries for outdoor applications and higher temperature environments.  The Sener BR series chemistry has a higher operating temperature range (-40C to +85C) than their standard and high capacity CR type coin cell batteries and they are RoHS compliant.  The BR series are the same size and are interchangeable with CR battery sizes.  Current part numbers in production are:

SBR2032 – 3 volt, nominal capacity is 195 mAh

SBR2540 – 3 volt, nominal capacity is 500 mAh

SBR1225 – 3 volt, nominal capacity is 50 mAh

SBR1632 – 3 volt, nominal capacity is 130 mAh

Typical applications for these batteries include automotive, portable equipment and outdoor electronics.  More detailed specifications are available on request, please contact us for application assistance.