Frontier Electronics – New SCM3216F Series SMD Common Mode Chokes!

Frontier Electronics has announced the addition of its new SCM3216F series to its line of High Frequency Common Mode chokes, designed to block high frequency noises on power lines (EMI).

Range of impedance is from 90Ω to 2200Ω @ 100 MHz with current capacity ranging from 0.4A to 0.2A.  The overall dimensions are 3.20mm x 1.60mm x 1.9mm.  Frontier is using the latest winding technology and specially selected ferrite cores material to pair lines (windings) enabling the most effective noise attenuation.  At the application level (Computers, HDM, Displays, main lines of the Chargers/Power Supplies etc.) this family provides high common-mode impedance for noise and low differential-mode impedance for signal.  The operating temperature is from -40 °C to 125 °C including the temperature rise.

Please contact us for technical details/samples and assistance with your project!