Frontier Electronics – New SCM3216F Series SMD Common Mode Chokes!

Frontier Electronics has announced the addition of its new SCM3216F series to its line of High Frequency Common Mode chokes, designed to block high frequency noises on power lines (EMI).

Range of impedance is from 90Ω to 2200Ω @ 100 MHz with current capacity ranging from 0.4A to 0.2A.  The overall dimensions are 3.20mm x 1.60mm x 1.9mm.  Frontier is using the latest winding technology and specially selected ferrite cores material to pair lines (windings) enabling the most effective noise attenuation.  At the application level (Computers, HDM, Displays, main lines of the Chargers/Power Supplies etc.) this family provides high common-mode impedance for noise and low differential-mode impedance for signal.  The operating temperature is from -40 °C to 125 °C including the temperature rise.

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LEDtronics – New Low Voltage LED Tube Bulbs are the Perfect Fit for Transportation Illumination!

LEDtronics® introduces a new low voltage T9.5 LED Tube Bulb with high brightness in a compact design. These omnidirectional corn bulbs are ideal for unique transportation industry applications requiring compact, direct current (DC) bulbs with an E26 or Ba22 bayonet base.

The LED10SM series comes in two base options: E26 medium screw-in and B22d double-contact bayonet twist & lock bases, both of nickel-plated brass. These LED bulbs are ideal wherever low DC voltage power sources are, such as train or rail lighting, bus/coach/transit lighting, boats/ships/yachts, airplanes, and as marker and indicator lamps.

They are rated for input voltage of 12~80 VDC, and provide a 360-degree omnidirectional, no-shadow illumination of 4000K natural white light. At the same time, they offer energy savings of up to 80% over incandescents, replacing 40W counterparts by using less than 5 watts.

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Frontier Electronics – SMD Step-Up Switching Transformer!

Frontier Electronics’ SMD Step-Up Switching Transformer TSS1230F-01 exhibits excellent output voltage capability, low input voltage and low profile construction (3 mm).

The small low profile construction makes the TS12340F-01 ideal for Handheld and Portable Radios, Mobile Credit Card Processor, Point of Sales Terminals, Radiation Monitors and Detectors, Coating Thickness Sensors, Cameras, Oscillators, Backlight Liquid Crystal Displays, Small Power Supplies.

• Frequency range: 90 KHz to 800 KHz
• Input voltage range: 1.5 VDC to 6 VDC
• Output voltage range: 15 VAC to 300 VAC
• Available with negative Voltage
• Shielded
• Output Power: 1 Watt
• Gold plated terminal pads
• Packaging: Tape & Reel
• RoHS Compliant

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LEDtronics – NEW Shorter-length, Multi-voltage Miniature Bayonet-based LED Lamp!

LEDtronics has announced its new series of short-length Miniature Bayonet-Based LED Lamps. These multi-voltage bulbs are a perfect fit for applications that require a shorter lamp that still provides bright, reliable light.

The BSF321-SIW-6/48V bulb comes in a T3¼ (Ba9s) 9mm single-contact, brass and nickel-plated brass bayonet base that mounts directly into industry-standard sockets. Being bi-polar, the polarity of the positive and negative leads is no longer a factor in DC applications.

Due to their solid-state construction, LEDtronics’ miniature bayonet bulbs are ideal for industrial applications that are subjected to vibration, shock and environmental stress, all of which reduce the life of incandescent lamps. These high intensity LED lights are excellent solutions for applications that require a short bulb in:

·  Industrial control push button switches and communicators

·  Indicators for process controls

·  Aircraft instrumentation

·  Elevator panels

·  Medical and scientific equipment

·  Relampable panel mount indicator lamps

·  many more!

You can read the entire press release here:

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LEDtronics – NEW ultra bright Miniature Bayonet Based LED Bulbs!

BSD-1118 Series (110Vac)

BSD-1318 Series (15Vf & 23Vf)
*requires external current limiting

BSD-1319 Series (120Vac)

LEDtronics announces new additions to its industry-leading line of Miniature Based LED Bulbs. The new LED lamps far surpass the previous generation in brightness, while maintaining their low power consumption and longer light life compared to incandescent lamps.

LEDtronics’ miniature based bulbs are used for critical applications in industries such as defense and aerospace, transportation, and power plants. The BSD-1118/1318/1319 series directly replaces similar Ba9s Bayonet base incandescent lamps within its category. They offer up to 90 percent energy savings, higher intensity, more even lighting, and reduced heat and relamping costs in critical status indication applications, such as indicator lights for instrumentation, panel-mount pilot lights, accent lighting, automotive indicators, and more.

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ECE – Introduces the Family of ESR5 Solid State Relays!

ECE has introduced the ESR5 series family of Solid State Relays that are also available with LED indicators.  Applications for ESR5 Solid State Relays include Security, Industrial, High Power Equipment, HVAC and Control Panels.  ESR5 Solid State Relays offer AC/DC outputs and have a wide variety of available voltages including 60V, 120V, 240V, 280V, 380V and 480V.


  • Protective covers.
  • Optically isolated.
  • Input LED indicator.
  • High dv/dt and high blocking voltage.
  • Low input power consumption.
  • TTL and CMOS Compatible.
  • Zero voltage turn-on, zero current turn-off (minimize EMI EMI/RFI).
  • High surge rating allows lamp and motor load switching.
  • Output snubber circuit protection.

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